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and # DMS-0097804


Name Topics Undergraduate School Year
Aimee Kalas Divisible Tilings on Surfaces Youngstown State U.(OH) 2003
Robert Rhoades Separability of Tilings Bucknell U. (PA) 2003
Jason Saccamano Divisible Tilings on Surfaces Swarthmore (NY) 2003
Rachel Thomas Separability of Tilings St. Olaf (MN) 2003
Isabel Averill Quadrilateral Classification U. of Akron (OH) 2002
Michael Burr Vanishing Cycles Tufts U. (MA) 2002
John Gregoire Quadrilateral Classification Concordia College (SD) 2002
Kathryn Zuhr Moduli of Quadrilateral Mount Holyoke College (MA) 2002
Niles Johnson Monodromy of Unbranched Covers U. of Rochester (NY) 2001
Yvonne Lai Fundamental Regions MIT (MA) 2001
Matt Ong Hecke Algebras Princeton U. (NJ) 2001
Steve Young Separability of Tilings Rose-Hulman (IN) 2001
Rebecca Lehman Geodesics and Tilings  Princeton University (NJ) 2000
Shaun McCance Ovals in Tilings Purdue U at Calumet (IN) 2000
Sarah Weissman Ovals in Tilings Boston University (MA) 2000
Chad White Geodesics and Tilings  University of Missouri - Rolla 2000
Nick Baeth Separability of Cyclic Tilings Pacific Lutheran University (WA) 1999
Jason Deblois Separability of Cyclic Tilings U. of Chicago 1999
Lisa Powell Separability of Cyclic Tilings Harvard (MA) 1999
Kevin Woods Geodesics and Tilings Wake Forest  U. (SC) 1999
Ryan Derby-Talbot Geodesics and Tilings Pomona College  (CA) 1998
Robert M. Dirks  Tilings in Genus 6 and 7 Wabash College (IN) 1998
Maria T Sloughter Tilings in Genus 6 and 7 Carleton College (MN) 1998
Brandy M. Smith Divisible Tilings Eastern Kentucky U. 1998
James M. Belk Splitting Tilings at Mirrors Binghamton U.(NY) 1997
Dawn M. Haney Divisible Tilings Michigan State U. 1997
Lori T. McKeough Divisible Tilings St Mary's College  (IN) 1997
Reva A, Schweitzer Tilings and Cwatsets Ohio University 1997
Patrick E. Swickard Tilings and Cwatsets Rose-Hulman (IN) 1997
C. Ryan Vinroot Tilings in genus 4 and 5 North Carolina State U. 1997
Dennis A Schmidt Ovals in Tilings St. Norbert College (WI) 1996

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