Automorphisms of Surfaces

This page is a code archive (Magma, Maple and Matlab) for projects focused on automorphisms of surfaces. There are links to the relevant paper and code files. The code files or scripts, as I call them, are stored on a Google Drive dedicated to this purpose. Typically, the results of a script are stored as a .log text file or a .pdf.

One dimensional equisymmetric strata in moduli space
Collaborators: Antonio F. Costa and Milagros Izquierdo
Link to paper:
Purpose of scripts: determine the braid classes of generating quadruples

Scripts and log files : 1Dstrata – containing folder for the scripts and files below

  • braidquadclassnew.mgm – Magma package with variable definitions, record structures, and functions for determining braid classes of quadruples
  • braidclass1.mgm – braid classes for general groups and a specific G-signature
  • braidclass2.mgm – all braid classes and strata for a prime cyclic group
  • braidclass3.mgm – all braid classes and strata for a cyclic group
  • numstrata.xlsx – table of number of strata for prime cyclic groups
  • logfiles – folder for log files for the above scripts
  • Nonmax.mgm – determine if a stratum is non-maximal