Here are the participants of the NSF-REU who performed the research.

NameTopicsUndergraduate SchoolYear
Aimee KalasDivisible Tilings on SurfacesYoungstown State U. (OH)2003
Robert RhoadesSeparability of TilingsBucknell U. (PA)2003
Jason SaccamanoDivisible Tilings on SurfacesSwarthmore (NY)2003
Rachel ThomasSeparability of TilingsSt. Olaf (MN)2003
Isabel AverillQuadrilateral ClassificationU. of Akron (OH)2002
Michael BurrVanishing CyclesTufts U. (MA)2002
John GregoireQuadrilateral ClassificationConcordia College (SD)2002
Kathryn ZuhrModuli of QuadrilateralMount Holyoke College (MA)2002
Niles JohnsonMonodromy of Branched CoversU. of Rochester (NY)2001
Yvonne LaiFundamental RegionsMIT (MA)2001
Matt OngHecke AlgebrasPrinceton U. (NJ)2001
Steve YoungSeparability of TilingsRose-Hulman (IN)2001
Rebecca LehmanGeodesics and Tilings Princeton University (NJ)2000
Shaun McCanceOvals in TilingsPurdue U at Calumet (IN)2000
Sarah WeissmanOvals in TilingsBoston University (MA)2000
Chad WhiteGeodesics and TilingsUniversity of Missouri – Rolla2000
Nick BaethSeparability of Cyclic TilingsPacific Lutheran University (WA)1999
Jason DebloisSeparability of Cyclic TilingsU. of Chicago1999
Lisa PowellSeparability of Cyclic TilingsHarvard (MA)1999
Kevin WoodsGeodesics and TilingsWake Forest U. (SC)1999
Ryan Derby-TalbotGeodesics and TilingsPomona College (CA)1998
Robert M. DirksTilings in Genus 6 and 7Wabash College (IN)1998
Maria T. SloughterTilings in Genus 6 and 7Carleton College (MN)1998
Brandy M. SmithDivisible TilingsEastern Kentucky U.1998
James M. BelkSplitting Tilings at MirrorsBinghamton U. (NY)1997
Dawn M. HaneyDivisible TilingsMichigan State U.1997
Lori T. McKeoughDivisible TilingsSt Mary’s College (IN)1997
Reva A. SchweitzerTilings and CwatsetsOhio University1997
Patrick E. SwickardTilings and CwatsetsRose-Hulman (IN)1997
C. Ryan VinrootTilings in genus 4 and 5North Carolina State U.1997
Dennis A. SchmidtOvals in TilingsSt. Norbert College (WI)1996